Here's what the New Uppermost offers you
New Uppermost provides a summary view of your portfolio across asset classes and products in one view along with detailed reports (Holding, Transaction and Capital gains). Integrated award-winning research helps you to make quick investment decisions and the same can be executed within the portal through the Invest option.

If you are a head of family you can track the portfolio of other family members

It has been designed for ease of use and is updated with the latest information

Restructure your equity portfolio vis-a-vis the model portfolio from the research desk of Motilal Oswal.
Integrated trading platform facilitates clients to transact online for products like Equity, Mutual Funds, SIP, Bonds, FD, IPO and more…
Capital Gains
It gives a tax status of investments sold i.e. short term and long term for a selected date range
It gives the client a view of current holdings with unrealized gain/loss
Family Mapping
Head of family is able to track portfolio of family members
Access to award-winning research helps you to make sound investment decisions
It displays the transactions made under various asset classes for a selected date range
Summary Details
Gives a one-view of portfolio asset and product